• To provide loan to eligible students for pursuing higher education in reputed engineering/Medical/Dental/Management/Law/Bio-technology/ colleges/institutions.

Who are eligible

  • Students who are residing in the area of the operation of the Bank and have secured admission in any reputed professional/technical education institution/college through competitive examination or on merit.

Loan amount

  • Maximum 80% of total expenditure to be incurred on tution fee & other fees to complete the proposed course (subject to maximum¬† of Rs. 10.00 lacs) will be sanctioned. Student’s father/guardian will be made co-borrower.


  • For loan upto Rs. 2.00 lakhs only¬† third party guarantee of two persons will be required.
  • For loan above Rs. 2.00 lakhs equitable mortgage of immovable property and third party guarantee of one person will be obtained.


  • In 60 EMIs, which will start after six months from the date of completion of the course.
  • Prior to that, periodical interest may be deposited by the father/guardian, if he/she so desires otherwise interest amount will be capitalised and accordingly EMI will be fixed.

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