• To meet working capital requirements of such Business/Industrial/service enterprise firms, which do not maintain sufficient stock and their debtors are very high due to their nature of activity such as contractors, wholesalers, suppliers, Agents etc.
  • To take over such facility (regular a/c) from another Bank.

Who are eligible

  • ┬áBusiness/Industrial/Service Enterprise firms, which are engaged in gainful activity of such nature, in the area of operation of the Bank.

Loan amount

  • 65% of the value of immovable property to be mortgaged in commensurate with the turnover of the Borrower firm, (subject to overall ceiling of Rs. 2.30 crores)


  • Equitable mortgage of immovable property and third party guarantee of one person.


  • Mortgage Cash Credit limit will be sanctioned for 12 months period and before expiry of 12 month’s period it will be needed to get the limit renewed.

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