Loan against N.S.C. / K.V.P.

  • Persons, who are holding genuine NSCs/KVPs are allowed loan upto 75% of the value of NSCs/KVPs, after getting lien in Bank’s favour marked from the concerned post office.
  • Interest is recovered at the rate prescribed by the Bank from time to time (at present 12.5%P.A.)

Loan against L.I.C. Policy.

  • Persons having regular L.I.C. Policy since last 3 years (minimum) may be sanctioned loan upto 90% of the surrender value of that Policy to be ascertained from L.I.C. of India, and after getting the policy assigned in Bank’s favour by L.I.C. of India.
  • Interest will be recovered at the rate prescribed by Bank from time to time.

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